I help people who want to work in IT Support or Technical Support.
Some people either need help getting started or continuing their current roles.

It wasn't always so.

I started off part time in hotel housekeeping when I was 16, then I joined the local Police Coast Guard for 7 years before joining the corporate world.

I started off briefly as a call agent for HP computers and Virgin Mobile SG (a short year of operations in Singapore), an IT Support Engineer in a real-estate/property giant and a commodities MNC.

Armed with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, I realised that it was not a career I wanted to pursue. I did choose to pursue a job with my hobby and passion, computers. Few modules in the polytechnic taught me what I needed to know.

However, during all 20 years of working, I found that the passion for computers; the joy of fixing up a computer and watching it work became into one of helping people.
Helping users with usual and unusual problems using their computers.

This soon came with more thoughts about family and the future for them.

Because as a Support personnel, I could not break through the glass ceiling if I were to continue working as one.
There was enough to feed my family but not enough saved up for going without a job for 3 months and even for retirement.

I wanted to find an alternate means of getting money. I wanted to create more wealth and live life on my own terms. To continue feeding my family and creating a better future for them.
I wanted to chase the laptop lifestyle which had been a dream for a long time.

So I looked online and found a affiliate program which offered what I was looking for.
As of today, I am on that journey to chase the laptop lifestyle which I dream of.
In doing so, I hope to find more friends who are chasing the same dream.

If you're looking chasing the same dream, join me on this journey.
It's going to be awesome!

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